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Elevate Your Company Perks with JUMP Corporate Memberships

Unlock a world of unforgettable experiences and thrilling adventures for your employees and esteemed clients with JUMP Corporate membership. Whether you're looking to enhance team spirit, reward outstanding performance, or extend heartfelt appreciation to your clients, our flexible corporate memberships cater to all your needs. Choose from our Small, Medium, or Large membership and let the excitement begin!

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small business

Ideal for small businesses or teams, our Small membership offers 6 shareable passes per month, ensuring your employees or clients enjoy the adrenaline rush that JUMP is known for. At a 20% discount, this package is not only affordable but an incredible way to introduce the world of adventure as a part of your corporate culture.

  • 6 shareable passes per month
  • Savings: Enjoy a 20% discount off the regular price.
  • Annual Cost: $6,912

Medium business

Step up the game with our Medium membership, designed for companies aiming to provide a more extensive perk or gift option. Receive 12 shareable passes per month at a 25% discount, allowing a wider group to experience the thrill of JUMP. Perfect for medium-sized businesses looking to boost morale or enhance client relations.

  • 12 shareable passes per month
  • Savings: Benefit from a 25% discount, enhancing your corporate value.
  • Annual Cost: $12,960

large business

Embrace the ultimate adventure experience with our Large membership, offering 20 shareable passes per month at an unbeatable 30% discount. This package is tailored for large organizations committed to making a significant impact on their employee's engagement or to leave a lasting impression on high-value clients.

  • 20 shareable passes per month
  • Savings: Maximize your investment with a 30% discount, providing the best value.
  • Annual Cost: $20,160

Why Choose JUMP Corporate Passes?

  1. Flexibility: Shareable passes that can be distributed among employees and clients as you see fit.
  2. Savings: Significant discounts on bulk purchases, making adventure accessible.
  3. Memorable Experiences: Offer something unique that will be talked about long after the event.
  4. Engagement: Perfect for team-building, employee rewards, and client appreciation gifts.

Elevate your company's perks and appreciation gifts to new heights with JUMP Corporate Passes. Contact us today to select the package that best suits your corporate needs, and let the adventure begin!

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