Welcome to the jump squad

Competitive gameplay NFT in the world’s most advanced hyper-realistic simulation.
two persons in jumpsuits over a canyon


Leave the competition—and your limits—on a cliff.

The creators of the world’s first hyper realistic wingsuit simulator invite you to join the JUMP Squad. Squad members enjoy digital and real-world benefits including free JUMP passes, access to exclusive events, in-game access points, ultra-rare airdrops, and surprise giveaways. Did we mention our NFTs will come with a custom AR display? Yeah, they’re that cool.
black and red jump suit with helmet
black and pink jump suit with helmet
green and white jump suit with helmet
black and red jump suit with helmet
white and ggrey jump suit with helmet
white jump suit with yellow stripes with helmet
black  jump suit with red stripes with helmet

Benefits / utility

    $119 value
    Automatic Limitless Clout after first jump
    - 50% off every JUMP for you + 1 person every time you JUMP
    NFT to use as Avatar at JUMP (NFT Exclusive)
    - 6-8 months
    In-Flight “Quest” Exclusive Easter Egg Access
    - $25k+ giveaway
  • NFT 2.0:
    JUMP Squad NFT 2.0 Airdrop

“Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing.”

— Mark Cuban


We’ve created a series of checkpoints for our team. Once we reach a specific sell-through percentage, we’ll drop in and complete the goal.
  • Grand opening of the first real-world JUMP hangar in Draper, Utah, on May 28th with more locations in the works.
  • Giveaways to Discord and Twitter community. - ONGOING
  • 3, 2, 1 CYA NFT - IN PROGRESS
  • Public Mint - OCT 15
  • Free jumps for every suit owner begins. - November 2022
  • In-person competitions at JUMP headquarters
  • Release of an in-flight Easter egg. *hint* (you want to find this first)
  • JUMP Squad NFT 2.0 (Free Airdrop to JUMP Squad holders)
  • Mobile JUMP Bays to travel worldwide
  • Exclusive location-based jumping unlocked for holders
  • Creation of mobile jump bays to travel worldwide for major events exclusive.
  • Mobile game drop. (iOS & Android)
  • Aethr.key platform full release with cross-platform gaming, upgrades, and so much more


Follow us on social media for the latest JUMP Squad buzz, join our Discord community to chat with fellow JUMP Squad fans, or find us floating around on OpenSea with other crypto collectibles.
Person in wing suit flying
Overlay of a JUMP helmet on a person standing on a cliff

Jump News

Stay in the know with the latest and greatest JUMP Squad news.
person with Jump jacket
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