Person in wing suit flying
There’s a lot that goes into every JUMP experience. Let’s get you ready for your first flight. Look below to learn more about what to expect, and explore some of the JUMP requirements and recommendations.
man looking at a jumpsuit


Due to the nature of this attraction, Customers must be able to properly wear the JUMP Suit. The full-body wingsuit and restraints required for this attraction may not accommodate certain body shapes, sizes, or dimensions.


59 inches (1.5 m)
70 lbs (32 kg)


77 inches (1.95 m)
340 lb (154 kg)

Guests must also be able to support 30 lbs of weight on their back.

Customers who purchased admission to JUMP and do not meet the JUMP Suit requirements should contact for additional support.


JUMP is an ambulatory experience. Due to the nature of this attraction, Customers must be able to:

  • Transfer into a full-body wingsuit and, stand while unassisted
  • Walk to and from the attraction unassisted with full range of motion for arms and legs
  • Wear the JUMP VR helmet unassisted with full range of motion

Accommodating the needs of Customers with disabilities is important to JUMP. Customers with disabilities or special needs who have questions about JUMP and the JUMP attraction should contact

person in Jump suit Infront of red neos
person tighten jumpsuit belt


It is recommended that persons with the following conditions should NOT participate:

  • Age less than 10 years (check strict size requirements)
  • Heart conditions, aneurysms, or abnormal blood pressure
  • Back or neck problems, or similar physical conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent surgery or illness
  • Any other condition that may be aggravated by the JUMP attraction

Customers must decide and are solely responsible if they want to JUMP. Our
JUMP locations are not liable for any risk associated with JUMP.