JUMP: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

JUMP logo and glitchy flyerJUMP logo and glitchy flyer

Dive into the details behind this hyperreal BASE-jumping experience.

JUMP Cadet standing on the stage with lights on either side about to make the jump

Learn more about JUMP, the highly immersive, totally innovative company that’s creating life-changing moments, one flight at a time. #limitlessflight

About JUMP: The WHO

The vision behind JUMP came from dreamer and doer, James Jensen. Jensen loves harnessing cutting-edge technology to create life-changing moments. He also loves offering people the experience of flying without the usual money, time, and risk of death BASE jumping requires.

Combine the two and you’ve got JUMP, an unparalleled hyperreal experience.

Jensen is an entrepreneur committed to solving problems related to how people interact and engage with each other on the daily. For more than two decades, he has worked in illustration, design, and interactive media for companies and clients including Sony Entertainment, Disney, FOX, Dreamworks SK, MTV, and his own creative CG animation company, Sandman Studios. Jensen previously created and co-founded The VOID, a critically acclaimed immersive entertainment company.

Check out the rest of the JUMP team here.

James Jensen standing on the edge of Notch Peak holding our JUMP helmet.

About JUMP: The WHAT

When you watch GoPro footage of wingsuit flyers, you can’t help but imagine what it feels like to fly. And for most people, imagining is where it stops—until now. JUMP is using cutting-edge technology to create hyperreal 3D replicas of some of the world’s most breathtaking BASE jumps. 

JUMP is all the adrenaline with none of the risk.

Here’s a high-level overview of how JUMP mixes a GIS (geographic information system) with a VFX mindset to create one of the largest hyper-detailed 3D landscapes ever:

  • Fly a custom helicopter rig, consisting of eight powerful cameras, over the chosen landscape.
  • Spend two days capturing thousands of ultra-high-resolution images.
  • Send the 1,050 megapixels of raw imagery—captured over 50,000 times—to supercomputers.
  • Process the data and end up with over 18 billion polygons across 10 square miles.

So, what is JUMP? JUMP is a real wingsuit, custom VR helmet, and a mix of suspension, wind system, and hyperreal multi-sensory stimulation. 

A JUMP Cadet inside the JUMP bay.

About JUMP: The WHEN

The vision for JUMP first came to Jensen in 2016. The company would be founded two years later in Utah in November 2018.

Rockwell Ridge, the first hangar and the company’s headquarters, is scheduled to open early 2022 in Bluffdale, Utah. Purchase a pass now and you’ll be the first to know when reservations go live.

The early days of JUMP. From left to right, Marshall Miller, Mark Owen, David Cox, Roman Smart, James Jensen, and Matthew Hall.


JUMP’s flagship hangar opens in Utah in early 2022. The hangar will live in the shadow of the majestic Wasatch mountains, across from the Point of the Mountain—a popular spot for parasailers and hang gliders. The Bluffdale location includes two jump bays and JUMP’s corporate headquarters. 

A second hangar will follow mid-2022 just 20 minutes outside of New York. The hangar will join other entertainment destinations, including a snowboarding park, in the 3 million square-foot American Dream mall. The New York hangar will feature six interconnected jump bays.

The JUMP HQ in Bluffdale, UT

About JUMP: The WHY

The “why” behind JUMP can be summed up in the company’s mission and vision statements.

JUMP mission statement: We create life-changing moments.

JUMP vision statement: Our purpose is to discover our full potential and find our true self.

Not everyone has the time, money, or death wish to become a trained and certified BASE jumper. Eliminating those barriers and creating boundary-pushing, one-of-a-kind moments is kind of JUMP’s thing.

Why ask people to don a wingsuit and custom VR helmet and take the leap into an immersive, hyperreal experience? Because it’s time someone took the childhood dream of flying and turned it into reality.

Life is full of moments that take your breath away, and this will be one of them. 

Make the jump today.